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The heart that gives.

So I’m sure most of u have heard about Rara Zikry’s story. As far as I know the story has spread widely throughout the net including youtube. Apparently Rara (or Zarith Nadhira) is a friend of a friend of mine so I first learned about this girl from her. I have heard the story about how her life really was before the incident. What kind of girl she initially was. Then I was told she went into coma for 2 months due to a mild asthma (personally I think this might actually due to severe asthma attack instead because according to asthma classification, a mild one would not cause a disturbance in consciousness, but watahell this is not a pulmonary lecture). At first she was admitted in ICU and later woke up but since then has trouble communicating and needs to be fed via a tube. She’s currently in a spastic condition. As we can see it is clear her brain has been affected most probably due to the lack of oxygenation during the attack. The family’s in need of financial aid for Rara’s treatment and donations and contributions can be made. You can go to .
It is sad to know such a young and pretty girl suddenly fell in such handicapped state. But Rara is so lucky to have so many loving people around her, I mean just look at all the youtube vids, the facebook page and various blog posts made in tribute to her, searching for help by any means. Unfortunately I can’t afford any contribution but my prayers are with her.
This whole thing also got me thinking, what about others who also need help? There are so many sick people with very limited financial grant. The poor little kids with heart septal defect and whatnot. To name but a few. Some of these people, unlike Rara’s family (come on gotta admit that it is quite clear her family is actually well off kan), are really poor. Who really think about these unfortunate ones and who would really help them? They have noone to build a facebook page asking for contributions. No videos with melancholic song made for them. It is sad isn’t it. Please don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Rara, I just wish, people would actually open their eyes and see the world. I know we can’t help every single being but, u know, just be aware that there are so many people who have less luck but are really in need of aid. Just as how powered up you are with Rara’s case, do the same to others too. You don’t simply help people because they’re pretty or because of a facebook page or whatever. It is the heart, afterall, that gives.

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